Counselling & Relationship Counselling;

Is often seen as shorter-term therapy (3-15 sessions) and the counselling gives you a space to talk through your feelings and also explore possible understandings from this. The counselling is taken at your pace allowing you to fully use the time in the best way possible. I also work with couples in relationship counselling  and specialise in working with affairs.

Skype Counselling;

Counselling by Skype is an alternative if travelling distances are too large, or time too short, to carry out the face-to-face sessions. All the counselling skills are still used in Skype counselling, but you have the extra flexibility choosing where you carry out the session. Although not a complete substituted for face-to-face counselling, it’s a very good second choice if circumstances dictate.

Bereavement Counselling and Grief Therapy;

Often loss is seen has happening when someone dies, and this is often the hardest loss to overcome. Extreme pain of sadness, guilt, anger and losing the will to live yourself are very common.

But loss can happen in walks of life. Losing a job, a home, a pet, your health or your identity. The fear of death or someone dying is also a form of loss.


Is often seen as being longer-term and can be weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly, and is often carried over a year or even two, but can be a continuous support until you have gained the insight and the changes you need. In this therapy you will talk through your week, your feelings, some past times that have come to your mind, or what ever is relevant to you at the time. I as your psychotherapist will help you explore what this means to you, and perhaps some of the unconscious drives behind your thoughts and behaviours. Over time you get more insight to you as a person, and the changes you want to make become easier to put in place.

CBT & Solution Focused Counselling;

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is looking at how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are linked, and this therapy is a pro-active approach looking at coping strategies to help with making changes.

Much of my work has helped people overcome depression, anxiety and stress. I also provide couple counselling (previously known as marriage guidance) to look at a relationships, trauma counselling as well as personal development and helping people reach their goals.

I see clients from The New Forest, Alton, Alresford, Winchester, Andover,  Basingstoke, Salisbury, lymington, New Milton and Lyndhurst as well as my home areas of Hythe, Marchwood and Southampton.