Hi Tom,

I wanted to get in touch with you to let you know how iv been getting on since its been around two months since my last appointment with you. I think in one of my first emails to you I talked about how the panic consumed me in almost everything, nothing was enjoyable, my social life was non-existent! I couldn't eat, drink, be anywhere too hot or to busy, I didn’t even get my hair cut for two years in case I had a panic before it was finished!! I hated going to places I didn’t know, I needed exit routes planned wherever I went. Life felt very hard and stressful not only for me but for my husband and family too.

I can't even put into words how everything you have done for me has completely changed my life. I've not experienced a single panic since our first session, the anticipation and initial feeling of being to hot literally last seconds now and then completely disappears.

I have been out for countless meals, gone away for two weekends, been to the Olympics, been on a busy and hot underground train in London, had a few to many cosmopolitan cocktails, had my haircut, caught up with friends iv not seen since school and went to a wedding with them all, someone else drove and so I had nowhere to escape too and had countless meetings that at one time would have sent me over the edge!!! I can truthfully say I have not once checked for my exit routes or looked for the ladies toilets as soon as I arrive. I also chucked out my hand fan that I have religiously carried with me everywhere I go for years! I am no longer that girl!

All I can say is I wish id seen you years ago and thank you so much!!

Hi Tom.

You may not remember me, but my husband and I came and saw you in November 2008 when we were really desperate. Recently, coming to Oxford Street to do some Xmas shopping, made me think of the therapy. I just wanted to drop you a mail to say how good our relationship is now, and to thank you from both of us for the help you gave us on getting our relationship back together………..”

Hello Tom,

Hope all is well, I just wanted to thank you as both my flights too and from Spain went perfectly, no worries and even managed to doze off a little, which I have never been able to do before !!! I am now planing to go Mexico next year which I have always wanted to do but I was put off by the 10 hour flight. Yet again thank you.

Kindest Regards

…….this is short email to let you know how things went. As you know, we were still undecided on moving back in together even though we were getting on so well. I guess as you said, it was fear of things falling apart again. In the end we did do this and although it’s only been a couple of months, we are still getting on really well. We have visited one of the four-horsemen occasionally! but the new skills we have worked well. We both wanted to say thanks…

Dear Tom

May I first apologise for my delay in writing this letter, but since I’m enjoying my life so much more, I have it difficult to find the time!

I wanted to personally thank you for all the time and patience ion helping me deal with my problems. While I sometimes found the sessions difficult,. I began to enjoy them and knew that i was benefiting from our time together.....

.....I’m now living my life with confidence and happy to be me and for the first time feel in control of my life.